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04/2 2010

Win-d Day

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Today was a very windy day, again.  However, the waves were not as high and so we didn’t get as wet.  For a rower, wind can cause a ton of stress because it can impede performance on the water.

That’s why Mike hardly altered our workout today to ensure we did not avoid the wind gusts.  Learning how to row aggressively in conditions like today helps if FISA tells you to race in similar conditions at the worlds or even the Olympics.

That said, I had a new pair partner today.  I’m not sure how to spell his name, but I know it’s Romanian and pronounced Rarge (with a soft ‘g’).  We got out there and tried really hard, and you know what?  Eventually we went a little faster, then a little faster, and then a little faster.  We even passed a boat or two that we probably shouldn’t have been able to pass.  It was fun to feel the rhythm of a pair.  I got a little length at the catch and even some time over the toes.  I really love sweeping so much.  The single is a great training tool and I need to be able to get really good sessions out of it – but there’s nothing better than pulling really hard, going really fast, working together with a team mate or crew.  Thanks for the row Rarge!

I was thinking about my comeback in 2007 for the 2008 Olympics today.  If I compare the progression of my 2007/08 comeback to what I am doing now I feel better about where I’m at.  It’s hard to be slow on a team like this – to know where I used to be, and where I plan to be once more – but after over 17 months off I need to keep putting in miles, keep working my length of stroke, and I have to stay healthy and injury free.

That is the recipe for a great 27 months of rowing, so to bed with me so I can row hard again tomorrow.


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