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03/9 2010

VO2 Max Test

James Brotherhood and Liz Johnson


The thing is I can’t tell you what my results were- trade secret!  I can say that I am ahead of the curve from the last set of these I did in my comeback for Beijing.  James Brotherhood (seen in the picture with Liz Johnson) brought out all the results from 2007 for us to look at.  That’s a good sign that I am ahead of the curve, right?  I have only taken 18 months off since Beijing. 

I have been very lucky to have the support of the good folks at the Canadian Sports Centre Pacific out at the new Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence.  James (my cousin) played a significant role in getting me ready to join the team in 2007.  Having this type of information only helps me with my confidence as I get back into training because progress can be hard to gauge when I am pulling my guts out on the lake.  

Here are a few shots to let you know how it feels!  Basically we are in a full mask that is monitoring all O2 in and all CO2 out.  They have me work in 3 minute segments, increasing power each step.  James took my lactate levels in between.  But when I reached my maximum they switch me to 1 minute pieces with no breaks to push me to my absolute limit.  It’s really fun! 

Mike, James and Liz help me through the test.


Enjoy the horror show!


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