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02/10 2010

Vancouver, February 10, 2010

http://photography.rumoncater.comWhat a great day it was.  I came over on the 9 AM ferry in the Live Smart Hybrid Prius.  Met a torch bearer on the ferry who was so excited to run.  She seemed to be bouncing along on the boat – so cool. 

Once we got to the mainland I picked up my VANOC accreditation, aka ‘bus pass’ and headed downtown to my office across Hornby from Robson Square. 

The office is no larger than my cubical back in Victoria – the only two differences: this one has two huge windows that allow me to watch the entire Zip-Line in Robson Square, and I share it with 6 other people!  

If there was a triage for Olympic planning, we are in it.  There are about ten offices stacked just as full here in the OGS Ops Centre (Olympic Games Secretariat).  You can tell people are getting IT done!  Right now this office is running around the clock.

Scott and I had a late dinner together at Joey’s (aka Russia House), but the Russians hadn’t come yet…by the way, the zip-line is a huge distraction…and then we left for the VISA Olympian Reunion Centre.  It was great to see so many people. Most of the Canadian Olympians from past games had just walked in the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies.  By all accounts it was a great show and worth watching. 

The Great One was even there…


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