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03/9 2010

Tuesdays seem hard

Okay, so I had my first serious double day of hard workouts.  This morning I was in the pair with Doug, and we did 5 work runs, and tonight I was back in the single attempting 16 x 90 second ‘sprint-like’ pieces.  I say sprint-like, as opposed to ‘sprint’ because my 26 – 30 spm were not yelling sprint! 

It was great to be rowing the pair again.  We had a couple good pushes but in the end my fitness was the boss.  I had to laugh after the second run on a 22 free, Kevin and Steve drove Doug and I up to 28, 29 and 30+!  Well, actually, they drove Doug up and I just followed.  We got to the end of the run and I was cooked!  But in the end it is better to drive hard like that then to leave something out there!  Doug was a good sport about my fitness.  It was easy to row with him.  

Tonight’s workout was crazy!  The wind was up, and we all faithfully rowed up to point one – the roughest spot on the lake.  Mike altered the runs so that we went along the highway.  To fit them in we had to stop rowing for our 30 seconds off.  It was crazy!  We got all 16 in though.  By the end I knew that I was doing it for the fitness and not to worry about the results…regardless, I loved it!

At the end of practice Terry came up and coached me.  It was nice to have him give me a few pointers.  It all comes back to the same old points though – for some reason they don’t sink in for me.  I will get the long hang and I will hold my angle better!  Terry had me move my feet to the stern and lower my oarlocks too.  He liked the effect that change had on my finish.  Tomorrow morning I have the timed race around the lake to see how the changes feel.

Should be fun! 


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