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04/1 2010

The flipping video

As promised: proof that I’m a little nuts.

I thought that by pulling off a few stunts and even flipping the other day in the single I might just make it easier to row the boat.  I’ve been out in the single only once since that practice, and in that session the wind was huge – moving me 1.5 metres/second sitting there.  Needless to say there was not noticeable benefit when I was trying to ‘survive’.

The next time I’m in the single on a ‘normal’ to even ‘moderately bad’ day, I’m curious to see how much further I can push myself.  It’s length that I need more than anything, and it’s length that I’m going to get.  The stunts I pull in this video may not seem like a big deal to all of you, but believe me, they were really pushing my boundaries.  Length comes at the catch and finish and those are the spots I work on in the video.

I’d tell you to enjoy the clip, but I already know you will.


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