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07/13 2009

The day my friend jumped over me on his bike…

MV Brkfast offset15In my role on the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Council I have spearheaded a public engagement campaign that aims to encourage people to reduce their individual carbon footprint. 

It’s called Project Blue Sky

We have created an open source social network that features Olympic, Paralympic and Extreme athletes.  These athletes share their stories and blogs, including how they reduce their own carbon footprint, and invite the general public to join in with them.

To track these carbon reductions we have created a tool that can be shared across the internet to any major social networking site – or your own personal site…it’s there on the right hand side of my site.  Collectively we can watch as we reduce a significant amount of carbon. 

In fact, we have challenged VANOC to a carbon race.  We want to reduce 1-Billion commuter kilometres of carbon globally, and they want to offset an additional 190,000 tonnes of carbon.  They have already offset 110,000 tonnes through their official carbon offsetting partner Offsetters Clean Technologies, but they want to do more.

Do you want to race them with me?

The site went live two days ago and we are already up to 115 members, with more and more athletes and public members joining all the time.  Take a look and sign up.  If you are one of my athlete friends then email me after you’ve signed up and I’ll get you featured as a participating athlete on the home page.

MV Brkfast offset6At the launch a few of my good friends helped lead the charge.  Stephanie Dixon, Paralympic superstar swimmer (with 19 Paralympic medals to her name) talked about taking on huge challenges.  She was born with one leg – and she can swim faster than most people with two, so challenges are what she thrives on.  Ryan Leech was also there.  He is an amazing trails rider – check him out…  

MV Brkfast offset16He is probably the nicest, most modest guy you’ll ever meet.  Here are a few pictures of Ryan doing his thing at the launch…yes, that is Steph and me laying in front of him speeding towards us!  Don’t worry – he made the jump.

I’m getting better at writing more frequently – will write again soon.


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