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03/31 2009

The Ball is Rolling

terry-scott-and-daveI’ve taken the first steps to becoming a real athlete again.  Thanks to that run with RC I was shocked out of complacency!

For the past few weeks now, ever since that run, I have been biking to work.  The first day I rode it in 26 minutes and 47 seconds.  I was pushing pretty hard.  By the forth day was able to cover the distance in less than 24 minutes.  The neighbourhood is still new to me – and so is the route I take.  I hit a major development in my second week of riding – a shortcut onto the Lockside Trail a block from my house!  The only problem is that I’m too chicken to ride down the steep incline. The neighbours must laugh when they see me ripping along the road, only to dismount and run my bike down the path.

There is a warning sign – it requests all riders dismount.

My comeback does not stop there folks – I’ve been erging too.  I am joining the training centre (The Canadian rowing team training out of Victoria) on Monday and Friday nights for their erg session.  They train over at the new Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence (PISE).  I sit in the back row or off to the side right now.  There isn’t much excellence happening yet.  But I enjoy it.

Scott was making fun of me for joining in the sessions.  He was making fun of me on the phone when he was in California.  Then, when he came up for a visit last weekend it only took a day before he was erging right beside me.  A 10K erg, too!

I had to miss today’s session for work reasons.  I emailed Mike (the coach of the Canadian Men’s Team) to let him know – not that he was looking for me.  I asked him for some erg workouts that I could do between their Monday and Friday sessions.  He sent me three workouts.  I only just got the email from Mike on my way to bed – but getting them made me so excited that I can’t sleep – so I blogged.

Tomorrow I will do the first workout Mike prescribed!


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