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07/4 2012

Speaking of Send-offs!

Minister Chong was very kind to come out to the airport to show her support for Rowing Canada and the Canadian Olympic Team – a very special Canada Day Celebration! Thank you Minister Chong.

I have held on to all the letters that have been sent to me over the years from various elected representatives at all three levels of government.  Even though something like a letter of recognition is so easy and seemingly insignificant, it is a powerful gesture that an elected representative is willing to stop his or her duties for the minute or two that it takes to approve and sign such a letter.

The letters remind me that my community stands behind what we are trying to do – and that my community is as local as Lochside, but reaches into Saanich, British Columbia and Canada.


PS.  Another hot day here in Italy.  We had a great row on flat water!  I think that Terry took a picture so I will try to get it up on this post a little later in the day.

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