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03/2 2011

Silver to Gold Fundraiser

Hello friends and family,

I am now only 17 month away from the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Scott
Frandsen and I are back in the pair and pushing very hard every day.
I want to be sure we leave nothing to chance en route to our shot at
becoming Olympic Champions.  With that in mind, we are using leading
edge science to ensure that our three pillars of speed – physiology,
technique and hull design are all the best in the world.

Friends and supporters have organized a fund raising event on my
behalf: An evening of excellence and inspiration at the Elk Lake
boathouse, March 31st from 6 to 9 PM.  There will be a silent auction
and I will get up and tell the story of my Olympic Journey; the story
of how I got from a novice rower on Elk Lake to becoming one of
Canada’s great medal hopefuls in London 2012.  Drinks and appetizers
are included in the cost of the ticket.

In order to stay focused on these three pillars I need your help now
more than ever.  This is the most difficult financial period of an
Olympic training cycle.  I have been on an unpaid leave-of-absence
from the BC Public Service for over a year, cash sponsorships are a
lot harder to find than in-kind sponsorships, and with two children to
raise we are accumulating significant debt.  The goal is to sell 200
tickets to the event at $50/ticket, so please buy a ticket and bring a

Tickets are available through a few ways, you can email
for options or by going to LifeMark McKenzie Physiotherapy located at
3941 Shelbourne Street during office hours.

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested in supporting my dream of standing on top of the medal podium in 17 months!

Thanks so much,

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