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10/13 2009

Ryan Leech’s Challenge

Do you may remember when Ryan ‘jumped over’ me on his bike?  Correction, jumped over both me and Stephanie Dixon?  At once?  Well, he just threw out a challenge to me.  He thinks that he and his network can collect more carbon reductions on than me and mine.

I was worried to start with, and to tell you the truth still am a little.  But so far, my group (Blue Sky, Clear Water) on the project site has twice the number of members that Ryan’s group does, and I heard from the project’s webmaster that at the end of business hours on Day 1 of the challenge we were in the lead.

My worry is that he has a huge school age following, and if he can activate those kids I’m in a lot of trouble.  Have you seen what he can do on his bike?  CRAZY stuff.  Check it out on my blog a few months ago. 

So, the group is there.  If you sign-up on the group be sure to enter your group name at the bottom of the widget under where you enter your email.  We have 15 members in the group on Day 1, but I want to see if we can break 100 members in the group by the end of the week.  If each of the 100 members logs 10 Kms then we quickly add it up.

So please help me beat Ryan.  It’s my ego on the line!


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