Rowing Accomplishments



I have rowed for 20 years and have represented my community, my province and my country with honour and pride. Along with my Olympic Silver Medal performance in Beijing 2008, I have won 9 National Championship titles, 9 World Cup medals, and 3 World Championship titles. I have raced on 3 continents, in 14 countries, and at over 40 international competitions.


These are the clubs I have either raced or coached for over the years include:

Victoria City Rowing Club
St Andrew’s High School
Brentwood College School
Gorge Rowing Club
West Shore Rowing Club
Kennebecasis Rowing Club
Montreal Rowing Club
McGill University
The University of Washington
Team British Columbia
Rowing Canada
Canadian Olympic Committee



Olympic Silver Medalist

Beijing 2008                      M2-

Four-time Olympian

Sydney 2000                       M8+
Athens 2004                       M2-
Beijing 2008                       M2-
London 2012                      M2-
Olympic Qualification
St Catharines 1999            M2-     
Lucerne 2000                     M8+
Milan 2003                          M8+
Poznan 2008                       M2-
Bled 2011                            M2-
World Championships

Munich 1994                        JM4-      Bronze
Poznan 1995                       JM2X   
Strathclyde 1996                 JM2-      Gold
Aiguebellete 1997               M8+
Cologne 1998                      M8+
St Catharines 1999              M2-
Luzern 2001                         M8+ 
Milan 2003                           M8+       Gold
Lake Karapiro 2010             M8+ 
Bled 2011                              M2-
World Cup Regatta Medals
Luzern 1997                        M8+       Silver
Vienna 1999                        M2-        Gold
Luzern 1999                        M2-        Bronze
Luzern 2003                        M8+       Gold
Munich 2004                       M2-        Bronze
Luzern 2004                        M2-        Bronze
Luzern 2008                        M2-        Gold
Luzern 2011                        M2-        Bronze
Luzern 2012                        M2-        Silver
Royal English Henley Regatta
Henley 1996                        PE          Winners
Henley 2004                       Grand     Winners
Canadian Rowing Championship Medals
Victoria 1995                     M1X           Bronze
Victoria 1996                     M1X           Bronze
London 1998                      M2-            Gold
Victoria 1999                     M2-            Gold
Victoria 2000                     M2-            Gold
London 2001                      M2-            Bronze
Welland 2008                    M2-            Bronze
Welland 2012                    M2-            Gold
US Intercollegate Rowing Association’s (IRA) Championships
Camden 1997                     F8+          Gold
Camden 1998                     V8+         Silver
Camden 1999                     V8+         Bronze
Camden 2001                     V8+          Silver
Indoor World Championships (CRASH-B’s)
Boston 1994                        JrM        Gold
Boston 1995                        JrM        Silver
Canada Games
Kamloops 1993                    M8+       Gold
Kamloops 1993                    M4+       Bronze
Canadian Schoolboy Championships
Catharines 1994                  JM1X     Gold
Catharines 1995                  JM1X     Gold
Catharines 1996                  JM4+     Gold
Catharines 1996                  JM8+     Gold


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