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03/3 2010

Race around the lake.

Some things never change. 

Wednesday mornings are always going to be Mike’s morning to race us around the lake in singles!  Why should tomorrow be any different?  I am nervous though, and excited, but I know that I have to look at it as training.  It’s my first Wednesday morning back – I want to get around rowing a solid 24 – 26, but rowing well.  I know the other guys will be able to race higher and harder – but it will be great to set a bench mark so that I can start closing that margin.

My first big focus in the single is getting over my fear of fully squaring my blades.  I miss so much water at the catch because I flip catch out of fear of flipping the boat.  Totally irrational, I know, but it only comes out in the single.  A few years ago I was able to fix that problem as a sweeper, but I have never conquered it in the single.

Any suggestions?


Oh, and today was an independent row because the boys were all up at Shawnigan Lake.  Probably a blessing in disguise.

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