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08/27 2011

Quick, yet long overdue, Thanks!

Fact: The majority of amateur athletes in Canada don’t make huge financial gains.

Fact: 33-year-old fathers-of-two who leave their careers to chase a dream are often accused of having a midlife crisis or mental breakdown.

Fact: Wives who stick with the above stated husbands are often characterized as heroic (or crazy…in love).

I’d like to thank Brad Miller, Alastair MacArthur and everyone at Advanced Marine Technologies for their contributions to my success, sanity and security.  Their commitment to my athletic dream is a testament of their generosity, vision and personal commitment to excellence.  Your support allows me chase this dream, focusing on winning instead of my next mortgage payment.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.  From the bottom of my wife’s heart: Thank you.

Dave & Rachel Calder

PS.  I look forward to a time when I learn how to control my own website so I can display your corporate logo in a permanent location.

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