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05/16 2012

Preliminary Entry List for the Lucerne World Cup

I‘m on the road again – for 10 days so far I’ve been living out of my duffel – 11 more days to go.  I thought this was the lightest I’ve packed… turns out I’ll still return home only using half my kit.  I’ve learned though that half a dirty kit packed with half a clean kit means the whole kit will need a wash when I get home.  Ironic!

The entries for Lucerne came out today.  So far there are 16 boats entered from 10 countries.  I assume the number will go up over the next couple of days.  Notably missing are 3 of the 11 qualified countries: USA, Serbia and Hungary.  There are still 2 Olympic spots that will be fought over at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta happening May 21 – 23 in Lucerne.  There are 12 countries vying for those two spots.

Last year at the World Championships the 11 countries to qualify were:

New Zealand, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, United States, Serbia and Hungary.

I’ll keep the website as updated as I can over the next week and a half.


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