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10/17 2010

New Zealand 2010

…and so it starts: New Zealand 2010…

It’s been seven years since I raced at the World Rowing Championships.  Milan, 2003.  If I asked the guys in my 8+ now where the worlds were that year, I bet only one or two would know.  Who can blame them?  Conlin would’ve been 13 years old!  Funny though, I can remember those worlds like they were yesterday – how the wind picked up while we were getting ready to boat for the final.  I was in the 8+ that year too.  The head wind was so bad that the warm-up buoy-line snapped – but it didn’t phase Brian Price (our cox) at all.  The race took six minutes – an extra 30 or more seconds!  I still remember our move at the 250 – how Joe somehow slammed his hands under the rigger for that one stroke; I still remember how hard the other boats were charging in the last 500.

In some ways the 7 year gap makes this regatta seem like ‘just’ another World Cup – no Olympic hype or pressure – and in others it adds more pressure – it’s been so long.  Do those factors somehow negate each other?  I think so…


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