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07/6 2009

Home Renovations

Rachel and Mira went to the mainland for a birthday party yesterday and I got to stay home alone and build things with my power tools.  I am renovating the office/guest room now that we have the new roof on.  I have to finish this room before I can start the nursery.  Yes – Junior’s due date is September 14.  People, the clock is ticking. 

It is awesome to build something with my own hands again.  The Tillicum house was fun at first because lifting it and putting in a suite was getting my little family ahead financially.  It got old into the third year though.  By the fourth year renovations nearly put me in my grave.  I think I also asked a favour of every one of my friends and family, especially the strong ones. I am trying to pay them all back one at a time.

We can see ourselves in this house for a long time.  Maybe even past our children’s high school graduation.  So the projects I work on here have to be Perfect – or as close to it as I can.  Yesterday I framed and hung a double pocket door.  Somehow I managed to electrocute myself doing it, go figure.  The doors meet up perfectly and look great.  It only took ten hours to accomplish.

I have two of the walls framed and ready for the new LowE windows I ordered.  They should arrive in a week or two, by then I should have the other two walls ready.  You never know, I might just have the room ready by the time my dad visits in August…and the nursery might be ready by September.

I’ll keep you posted.

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