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07/16 2009

Home Renovations II

On Sunday morning I dropped the girls off at the airport and headed home for a solid day’s work on the home reno.  An hour or so in my motivation began to wane.  I found the Tragically Hip Fully Completely album and cranked it on repeat.  After that I had to stop working at 8:20 PM afraid the neighbours might call the cops.

All the old windows are out now and I am waiting for the delivery of the new Low E ones.  I’m worried it’s too late for an energy assessment – now that I have polly up instead of glass…Cory???  Yesterday I took out the last pre-existing wall, including a sliding-glass door and a small window.  I had impromptu help of my brother-in-law Dave Richards re-framing the new hole for the ordered exterior door and a larger window.  Check out my new shots…

I hope to make a ton of headway while the girls are out of town.  I can’t wait to be finished.


UPDATE: Two of my windows arrived via delivery van this morning.  I can hardly wait to get them installed tonight.  Strange are the things that excite this 31-year-old.

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