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11/10 2009

The Beginning of Something

Mira's first erg

Mira's first erg

Honestly – it was completely unprovoked.

It all started when Bowen was born.  You see, I thought I’d train with the national team on Elk Lake in the mornings for their first row.  You know, quietly slip out of the house at 7 AM and then be in the office by 9:30 for an efficient, high energy, 7-hour work day.  I’d be back home by 5:15 PM for a relaxing night with my family.

Well, it kind of worked – for two weeks.  By ‘kind of’ I mean I was just hanging on.  I was getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night, I was the slowest single on the lake and my high energy days at the office turned out to be more like a 7-hour marathon of trying to stay awake.  Oh, and by the time I got home each night I was exhausted and would quickly fall asleep reading to Mira by 8 PM.

My plan has always been to rejoin the national team full time in March of 2010.  If I am in shape leading up to March then I figure I have an outside shot at being fast enough to make a world cup boat.  But I definitely should be able to be race ready by the time the worlds roll around in November, 2010.

I had to stop after two weeks when I finally got sick.  Instead of returning to the lake, I was able to borrow someone’s rowing machine (aka erg), and set it up in my carport.  This is where my story really begins…

I set up the erg yesterday.  As soon as I set it up Mira wanted a turn.  Not to curb her enthusiasm I said okay.  She hopped on and had surprisingly natural technique.  She drove her little 5 year-old legs, swung her little 5 year-old body and pulled her short little 5 year-old arms in.  More amazingly she had the recovery sequence too.  Her little arms shot out, she swung her little body over and then she slid up the slide.  MY JAW DROPPED.

Setting up Mira's second erg

Setting up Mira's second erg

Not sure what was going on – I had to pry her off the erg to go to family supper at my Grannie’s house.  In fact, I had to promise her another turn on the machine later when we got home.  Sure enough when we pulled into the carport she remembered and was fired up to get back on the machine.  She had a quick turn, but it was past her bedtime, so again, I convinced her to go inside by promising her another turn in the morning.

This morning when 6 AM rolled around I was so excited to get to workout at home.  I woke up and jumped out of bed with excitement – laughing, knowing where Mira got her enthusiasm from.  I got locked in and pulled a solid 45 minutes at 1:49/1:50 splits listening to Big Wreck.

Giving'er on Mira's second erg

Giving'er on Mira's second erg

Shortly after my workout Mira woke up.  Rubbing her eyes she walked into my bedroom asking her typical “Daddy, will you play with me?”, but then cut herself off and gasped – “Erg?  Can I go erg?”  I burst out laughing and we went back outside.

We went out and I set her up for a 10 minute workout, the first 5 minutes was all coaching.  She loved it and felt great heading back inside.  Then when I got home from work tonight she was there, waiting for me again.  “Daddy, can I erg now, please?”  I couldn’t say no.  This time I set her monitor up for 500 metres.  A good distance for a 5 year-old and a way for me to teach her about goal setting.

500 M in 4:06.1!  We’ll see if she can beat it tomorrow – if she wants to!

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