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03/21 2010

Full Volume

One of the hardest parts of a comeback for me is getting up to the same volume as the entire team.  The major goal is to avoid injury while gaining back my fitness.  I spent the first week of my comeback at about half of the volume the boys were at, the second week I was at a little over 3/4’s the volume, but this past week I rowed the entire schedule.  I have a standing appointment with Dr. Mike Murray to keep me running well, and I am sure I’ll need much more as the weeks pile on top of each other – but I did it!  At times it was less than pretty, but there is something to be said about  completing a Mike Spracklen training week.  There were times I thought I couldn’t – but I pushed through knowing that this training is what will get me my gold medal in London only 27 and a half months from now.

I love this sport.


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