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12/2 2009

Every Little Bit Counts

Biking to Work

Biking to Work

Just before Bowen was born I blew a tire on my bike. I made a few efforts to fix it – but couldn’t quite get the job done. Then, after he was born I started rowing once a day with the Canadian team and became even less interested in fixing my bike.

Rowing against the national team, with three hours sleep at night, then heading into an eight hour work day just didn’t pan out. I think I made it two and a half weeks on the water before I had to pack it in. I’ve since borrowed a friend’s erg and have been getting great workouts in each morning.

Now that Bowen is eleven weeks old we have a bit of a routine set in the house, including the daily erg. On Remembrance Day I finally got around to fix my bike, well enough to ride it to work each day.  Mind you there are no front brakes, the chain skips and can’t go in the hardest gear and I need a front light!  Anyone know where I can get a safer bike for cheap?

Racing Again

Racing Again

I ride with my music on – and I visualize racing again. Sometimes it’s the 2010 Worlds in New Zealand; sometimes it’s the 2012 Olympic Games in London – but I’m always pushing hard, always winning and always happy.

In the few weeks since I’ve added my ride back I’ve seen my splits drop significantly on the erg, I’ve felt more energetic and healthier all around. And if you can believe it, I even feel physically warmer throughout the day. I still struggle to stay awake when I read bedtime stories to Mira though.

I can’t wait to train full time again.


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