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06/24 2010

Eton England

It’s been a while – I’ve been getting myself selected to teams.  Lots of hush hush stuff that I shouldn’t really talk about in a public forum anyway – but needless to say – I have been doing well enough to get myself locked into the 4-.  The boat is going well and we are having a good time with it.  We are in Eton now, training on the 2012 Olympic course.  It’s great to be here, seeing the sights, as Bob Ernst would always say in San Diego – making the course our ‘home-course’.  I even started asking the hotel staff for local information to help the family search for places to stay.

From here we travel to Henley and then on to Switzerland.  I will write a few more posts from here.  Internet is spotty at best, so it has been a huge struggle.  Mind you – I remember when I used to have to access the internet at the public library in Lucerne, so I’m not complaining!  Hopefully I’ll also get a bunch of pictures up on the next post too.


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