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03/29 2010

Doing whatever it takes

The main reason for a camp is to get away from the distractions of home.  These are the words of my coach, and that is why I am in Sacramento right now.  I’m a month into my comeback, and everyday I can feel more fitness return to my body.  Coming on this camp may be my very best opportunity to kick start or boost my comeback.  All I have here to focus on is rowing.  When I’m not rowing I’m planning my next row, or recovering from my last one.  My loving wife and friend and support is back at home taking care of all those things I left behind.  Bowen has his first ear infection and was up all night last night.  Mira had Sparks tonight and wants all of Rachel’s attention. And Rachel, well she only has her Masters to finish over the next handful of weeks.  No big deal.

I have had a mental block rowing the single.  Something about the boat has made me feel vulnerable, scared, ready to flip.  It isn’t a fear about dying, or not being able to get back into the boat – our coach Mike has us flip in a pool every couple of years.  It is more of an irrational fear of getting too close to the flipping point then actually flipping.  Anyway, today I thought it would be a good ida to push my limits and get more comfortable in the single.

I went down on my afternoon off and started to see how far out to the catch I could get.  I pushed and pushed and pushed.  And eventually I flipped.  It was great.  I also tried to see how deep my oars could go in the water before I flipped, and I couldn’t.  Then I put my oars parallel to the boat at the finish, and I was very surprised to see how hard it was to flip – but I did flip again.

By this point there were a few local rowers wondering what I was doing.  One of our guys told them that I was an Olympic Silver Medalist getting over my fear of flipping.  Plain and simple.

The third time I flipped was again at the catch, because that is where I am most stressed.  It was great.  At this point are you wishing you were there to see it?  Well, we caught it on film.  Watch for it on my website or on Youtube.  I will try to edit it and get it on-line sometime tomorrow.

To bed now – Dave

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