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02/9 2011

CBC Hockey Day in Canada

Okay – so all the training I do isn’t really about winning a Gold Medal in London 2012.  Sure, that’s a big focus, but the real reason I’ve been pumping the iron these past few weeks is so that I can look good this weekend when I take on ‘who-knows-who’ in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Play On Celebrety Street Hockey Challenge.  Friends of mine are telling me that there will be ex-NHLers.  Ha, no problem – because hockey’s as Canadian as beer and maple syrup, I figure it doesn’t matter that I only play hockey once a year on January 1st in a hung-over state.  If it’s as easy as drinking beer or drowning my waffles in maple syrup – look out you old-timers! 

Game-on at 3PM this Saturday on Government Street.  I hope that there are a few politicians from the rock playing too.  You can trust me when I say “I’ll make you look good!”


PS. Does anyone have gloves and a stick I can thrash…I mean borrow?

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