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03/10 2009


mc-daveIf you read yesterday’s post – don’t get me wrong – there is a whole bunch of very exciting ‘things’ happening in my life that I wouldn’t change for the world. Perhaps Life is Getting in the Way was not the best way to phrase how I feel. Perhaps I should have said Making the Time.

For instance:

Mira turned five on the weekend. I can remember Mira at six months learning how to crawl backwards on a ferryboat in Greece. Where did the time go? Mira got a cool doll house for her birthday. She is so excited about it – she also got a ton of doll house stuff to go in it. For her party she wanted to have a Birthday Egg hunt. What is that? – you might ask. Picture Easter, without the bunny. We carefully selected pre-wrapped candies for the plastic eggs – and hid 40 of them in the back yard. We’ll be finding eggs with melted peppermint patties all summer long. It was so much fun, planning, stocking and hiding eggs with Mira. Thank God the snow held off until after the egg hunt and obstacle course!

More news about our little family: Rachel is pregnant. She is due September 14th. Typically people talk about nausea and tiredness in the first 3 months of a pregnancy; I’ve only experienced some. Rachel’s been a little worse off than me – she’s been drinking a lot of ginger ale to settle her stomach. She is amazing. I can tell when she has pushed herself too far in a day – her complexion shifts greeny pale at around 5:25 PM. That’s usually a good time for me to step in and help (note to self: be a better husband). She does such a great job holding it all together for us.

Work is exciting too. I get to help out on a bunch of cool projects: innovating the workplace, environment and sport, staff engagement and sport, tracking down Olympians long out of their competitive sport careers but embedded in the workforce. Being an Olympian and working for the biggest sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is just about the best gig in town.

Twelve months out from the games and I don’t have time to sit at my desk. Half the time I work on files with people who operate in orbits I can’t touch. It’s hard when I don’t know what folks are talking about. My approach to avoid being the dumb jock is to smile, nod, wipe the sweat from my brow and viciously take notes. Going back to them later they seem to make sense…RC – you didn’t read that.

These are some of the reasons — and there are so many more — that I am not training full time yet. I am working hard to optimize my career before having to step away from it. I’m also strategically seeking ways to continue to develop my career while training.

Bottom line – to achieve what I want will take greater balance and extreme focus.


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