10/15 2009

Climate Action? What’s the Rush?

Expanding Lake

Expanding Lake

(Preamble) Sooner or later I will mainly blog about rowing.  It’ll be about how many KM we did, a particularly hard workout, maybe even gripe about a teammate or a coach.  All of you out there who are not rowers: cut off the RSS feed before I get to that point.  But for now I will blog about what I want to!

(Today’s blog) Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change.  Well, what’s the rush about climate change?  Sure the clock is tck-ing, Tcktcktck, I hear it too.  But I also hear individual stories of carbon reduction heroics all the time, and have you ever seen any good come from just one person?  Isn’t it the big corporate polluters that need to change to really make a difference?  Can’t I keep buying my veggies from Mexico and my fruit from California?  Hell, ‘we’ even seem to know what our collective carbon upper limit is – 350 parts per million – or else we’ll face certain doom.  You know, not getting-a-needle doom either; the type of doom found in the bible or RR Tolkien.

I get the sense that what we’re doing is heading out for a night of drinking with a 24 pack of beer knowing that we’ll die, no questions asked, of blood-alcohol poisoning after only 12.  But we drink them all anyway.  Only we won’t be able to drive the porcelain bus to recover – unless NASA crashes a few more rockets into the moon and finds serious proof of H2O in a hurry.

Nah.  Forget all this talk about climate change.  Life is good right now.  I can drive to the corner store, to the kid’s school, hell, I can even use the car to rock my newborn to sleep at night.  It’ll be his problem to face by the time things really heat up.  Besides, I remember when the BC chapter of the Sierra Club came out with its map of my hometown under the influence.  They called it “Is Victoria Going Under?“.  If I read that map correctly, the melting of the polar caps will actually help my Olympic training.  See, right now Elk Lake is too small for all the guys who want to row for Canada.  If we melted the caps enough then Elk Lake could actually become partially salt water and it’d be large enough to fit us all.  The fued between rowers, power boats and fishermen would finally come to an end.  The water ski boats could go use the part of the lake that is currently called the Blenkinsop Valley, while the fishermen could move over to what’s being used by Mattick’s Farm and the golf course (temporarily).  You never know, they might even be happier catching fish from the ocean rather than ones that are stocked.

With less than ten minutes to go in Blog Action Day on Climate Change, here is my message to all of us: get off your butt and do something.  There’s plenty out there to pick from.  Mine’s, what’s yours?