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03/26 2010

Back in California!

The last time that I was on this course would have been at the Pac-10 Conference Championships racing for Bob Ernst at UW in 2001.  Fast forward to today – I just rigged and rowed my single, and at 4 PM the sun was out and I was wearing just my uni suit.  I love the warm weather.

Part of my survival for being involved in a specific sport at such an intense level has always been to use my time away from the lake to get some healthy distance.  I traveled here today with Malcolm Howard from the men’s eight in 2008 and Mike Wilkinson, a newer guy to the team.  We talked about rowing for hours.  We had a 4 hour lay over in San Francisco that was gobbled up by our story telling.  There was something therapeutic, even cathartic about talking through past events with one of the guys who witnessed or experienced them with me.

Although I am not going to give up my sacred separation from rowing altogether, I do think that I want to let a bit more rowing into that space.  We’ll see how the balance happens.


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