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06/22 2011

Athlete Whereabouts

So I’m not sure how to write this post without coming across as a neophyte or as a whiner, but I’m going to write it anyway.  If I come across as either, so be it – sorry.  At least I won’t be the only rower this week to regret writing something he shouldn’t have.

I’ve just spent most of the last 2 hours trying to adjust my Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) ‘Whereabouts calandar’.  After reading on Facebook that there were testers who randomly showed up on my doorstep in Victoria last night (as they do, randomly), I figured I should update my whereabouts (as did several other team members who found themselves in the same situation).

The problem probably doesn’t lie with the system – BUT – every three months I have to fill in my ‘whereabouts’ for everyday, even listing an hour each day where I HAVE to be.  So, if I get it wrong because in 48 days, or 67 days, or maybe 91 days from when I filled it out I’m somewhere other than where I thought I’d be – I have to get back into the system and update those periods (this entire trip for example – I had none of the travel details when I filled in the form at the end of March).

That’s not really the problem though – the problem is that I try to spend as little time as possible every three months filling this calendar in – because I don’t have a ton of extra time – and so I don’t know how to use it very well.  I’ve figured out how to do the quarterly updates in about an hour or two – but then when I go back to ‘update’, it always takes me way too long.  Grrr.

I’d happily carry a GPS tracker at all times if it meant I didn’t have to fill in my whereabouts – sorry CCES.  I appreciate that you are keeping sport in Canada drug free – I just want it to be less frustrating for me when I try to figure out how to report!

Sorry to complain.


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