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06/28 2011

Amsterdam: a summary.


Admittedly, I did not do a good job posting anything about the Amsterdam regatta, Holland-Becker.  But I will do my best to weave the story as best as I can recall!

The draw came out late Friday night.  We drew the Australian pair, a Mexican pair and two local club crews in the heat.  We also found out that the Dutch crew, which had placed 6th at the Munich World Cup, scratched.  We were told that they had to load boats for a training camp on Saturday, and were not able to race, but that they would race us Sunday in the second regatta (will explain later).

We knew the Aussies would be fast, and they did not disappoint!  It very quickly became a two boat race.  Because there was no ranking prior to the regatta, we were all the way in lane 7 while the Australians were 5 lanes over.  The progression was that the top 3 pairs advanced to the final – and so in the end we won, the Aussies were 2nd and the Mexicans were 3rd.

In the final Scott and I wanted to race more internally and less impacted by what was happening around us.  That was a great tactic because the Portuguese pair, disguised as a local Dutch pair, took a big swat at us off the start!  We were able to stay very focused and separate ourselves from the pack just after their ‘go’.  We were much happier with our first 1000 meters – and it was nice to win!  We were presented with a medal and everything.

imgres.jpg The day tired both of us out though.  We did as much as we could to recover, but two races is a day is a lot, for anyone.  We had to put that all behind us though and get ready to do it all again on Sunday.  The Holland-Becker is actually 2 separate regattas.  The heats and finals on Saturday had nothing to do with the heats and finals on Sunday.  We went down to the course in the morning and started our warm-up routine for the heat – in which we drew Netherlands 1.  The other heat had Netherlands 2 and 3, and Australia.  As we were about to head onto the we were happily informed that the heats were cancelled because one of the Dutch pairs scratched.  We got to go back to the hotel and rest for a few more hours – heavenly!

When we came back the ripping tail wind with its overcast torrential downpours had all vanished.  The cold, damp 5 degree weather had turned into a sunny and hot 25 degree day.  It was so nice!  We got into our race after an odd delay (Netherlands 1 needed a screw driver for something loose in bow’s foot stretcher).  The start was much sharper, cleaner and consequently faster than either race on Saturday.  We had a really good first 1000 meters and were able to consistently push away from the other boats all the way down the course.  We walked away happy with our progress from Saturday and happy to have the win.  On Sunday they presented us with a trophy (which we only got to keep a framed picture of) and medals.  Great fun!


We are now in Italy at our training camp.  These next few weeks are going to be crucial for setting us up for the Lucerne World Cup.  In the rowing world, this is the regatta that the vast majority of countries attend, which means the racing is as close to the World Championships as it gets.  We expect a full roster there for the men’s pair.

If you have any questions or thoughts about our racing please feel free to write to me on the blog.  I have to delete all the spam I get to the account, but love to know someone other than my mom is reading it – but I do appreciate that my mother reads it!


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