It is through the positive exposure to role models and mentors over the course of my life that I have been able to find success both on and off the field of play.

Many people have filled these roles over the course of my life: my Granddad, my grade three teacher, Olympic gold-medalist Darren Barber and my wife are but a few of the many individuals that have helped and inspired me along the way. I exist as the person I am today because of all the interactions and experiences I have had with these people; each one taught me that anything was possible – anything – with an open attitude, hard work, and enough support and chances.

I was a lucky one. Not everyone grows up with such a supportive network surrounding them, encouraging them through the good and the bad.

It is this that I want to change.

Can you imagine a world in which our children are not afraid to dream? A world in which these dreams are given enough time, energy and resources to foster them into fruition? If you can, and if we all can, then anything is possible for our children.

There are many large issues facing the world as we know it today. War, famine, global warming, and economic chaos all threaten the global community as we know it. But while we tackle these issues, I deeply believe that we must also look closely at our individual communities.

The messages our children hear at home, at school and through the media often promote insecurity, dependency and unhappiness. If we could replace these messages with a more positive one – one that promotes their dreams, encourages their talents and tells them that they can indeed succeed – then they too will believe that they can do anything, and in turn they will see their dreams turn into reality.

It’s a big goal, I know. But I have been given such a unique opportunity, have been supported so thoroughly by the mentors and role models of my life, that I’m willing to try. And I hope you’ll join me.

Best wishes,


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